“I believe that once you find out what it is you were put here to do it’s impossible to do anything else.”
– Cornell Tafari Bailey


Cornell is an inspiration to anyone who wants to make their life mean something. From creating a start-up company in college, serving honorably in the US Navy, completing a masters’ degree, working as a Federal Labor Law investigator, to currently pursuing his PhD, there has been one theme that has driven Cornell’s quest for personal excellence; the importance of seizing opportunity. Cornell believes it is our duty to constantly ask ourselves “How great can I really be?”.

Cornell shocked everyone around him when he decided to walk away from a six-figure job to follow his passion for speaking and inspiring others. Cornell believes that once you find out what it is you were put here to do, it’s impossible to do anything else. He coined the phrase, “Make History Remember You” and hit the road. Speaking at colleges and universities, leadership conferences, and veteran’s organizations, the mission is simple; inspire others to get their absolute greatest work into the world.

Cornell’s engaging presentation style and inspiring personal story is the perfect solution for organizations and individuals looking to grow in leadership, self-mastery, and ultimately walk in their purpose.

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